Are you prepared to embrace the age of consumer culture segmentation and the impact on branding and message personalization?
Claudio Perez-Korinko inspires brands to embrace the age of culture segmentation in which the consumer is redefining consumption, experiences, lifestyle, gender role, sexual orientation, family structure, religion, tradition, language and content.

Claudio ignites inspiration for brands through public speaking, marketing consulting and more importantly by putting multi-cultural customers and consumers at the forefront of the process.

25 years of experience in global multi-cultural marketing through consumer behavior research and cultural branding from the corporate to the supplier side of business. The latter including marketing research firms and advertising agencies.

Claudio founded IM Insights Latino in 2001, an insights discovery and cultural branding boutique. He is also a published article writer on innovative cultural marketing concepts, an adjunct marketing professor at California Lutheran University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Spanish, and a Master of Science in Management from Baker University.

Claudio is a native of Santiago, Chile and bilingual in Spanish and English. He is also multi-culturally experienced in Latino sub-cultures from Mexico through Central and South American countries, including the U.S. bilingual, acculturated and un-acculturated Latino community. 

Claudio tackles three critical levels of company performance to maximize brand and customer relationship:
  1. Macro
  2. Organizational
  3. Micro
What you gain by booking Claudio:

Claudio inspires and leads company teams to realistically connect brand and multi-cultural consumers in the marketplace.


Claudio builds the path for multi-cultural customers to connect with those in the organization who add value to the relationship.

Claudio develops road maps for teams to connect with each other in the company to optimally serve the multi-cultural customer based on who they are.​


You may have something in mind that is relatively urgent!

Let Claudio know about it and he will develop a topic to guide your teams finding a solution!
Book Claudio for your next multi-cultural marketing speaking event!